Born in 1975 Saigon, Vietnam to Korean parents, Su-Jung has lived in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and then settled in North America. She brings her uniquely diverse experience to teaching and working with patients. She has always worked towards creating greater understanding and uplifting people & the environments she works in.  She is passionate about helping people realize their greatest potential in health and happiness. 

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about learning vm

from Christine G:

 I have been practicing under Su-Jung Lee’s teaching and guidance for six months, and my meditation practice has deepened and expanded more in this short time than in six years of consistent practice in other methodologies. 

It’s the purity of Vedic meditation technique that sets it apart. This is a simple, pragmatic system that anyone can learn and incorporate into her daily rhythms.

It is the most direct line to the meditative state that I have experienced, and it has empowered me to go deeper, further in my practice. 

Su is a gifted healer and a most lucid and generous teacher.

from Kim N:

Here are some things I appreciate about learning VM with you:

  • you're smart and perceptive with an academic and artistic flair 

  • not speaking from a wuwoo perspective, but also knowledgeable, respectful, and open to the different practices out there.  this is helpful in your ability to teach and connect concepts without being sidetracked 

  • you know your stuff and dive deep in many areas, which makes you relatable on many levels

  • your passion and devotion to meditation and healing inspires me 

  • as well as your courage - seeing your motivations and how you took leaps into the unknown with your career

  • you're easy to talk to, supportive, have a strong core, focused, and i totally trust you in helping me clear my lense!

About the ETV1 course:

  • dense with knowledge, yet light to absorb

  • it was fun.  i never knew i would enjoy learning this so much

  • made my life easier, esp with guidelines on how to see

  • the feeling of "that's it? so easy." just like after the 4 day course, is a sign of its brilliance

Education & accredidation

Vedic Advanced Studies:
Exploring the Veda with Hunter Cressman
Mastering the Siddhis with Christian Bevacqua, Ben Turshen & Lauren Godfrey

Vedic Meditation Initiator Training:
Jan - April 2018 with Thom Knoles, Limor Babai, Lauren Godfrey & Christian Bevacqua
(Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India)

wHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about receiving acupuncture

Su-Jung is awesome! I started seeing her during my pregnancy to see if she could help with some wicked headaches I was having almost every day. My doctors had nothing to suggest besides ibuprofen, which wasn’t helping much. 4-5 days after the first treatment with Su, my headaches were gone! I continued with the prenatal treatment until I delivered. After the headaches went away, we agreed to focus the treatment on keeping me calm and relaxed, but also to deal with common prenatal grievances like water retention and constipation. I loved my sessions with her — she has a great demeanor, and went out of her way to research particular issues I was having and make suggestions for how I could improve my mental and physical well being. I was new to acupuncture, and am now totally hooked!
— Sarah S.
I feel so fortunate to have found the calm, grounding force that is Su of Truing Acupuncture. Our sessions have been wonderful: very productive and incredibly personalized. We have specifically worked with women’s health issues as I began preparing my body to conceive. I am now pregnant and attribute this to much of our work together! I always leave Su feeling more centered. She is a gift. If you are curious about acupuncture, or are looking for a trusted professional, I highly recommend her.
— Katie P.
Su has been incredible to work with. I was initially introduced to her by a friend and now I have been seeing her weekly for the past year. As someone who is afraid of needles and new to acupuncture, Su’s calm demeanor and helpful nature has won me over. I have been working with Su on improving my digestion and overall energy. Each week, I leave my appointment feeling more grounded, calmer, and ready to tackle the day-to-day.
— V. T.
I recently visited Truing Acupuncture for a treatment for depression, and it was a deeply healing experience. Su is a masterful practitioner: present, intuitive, and professional...Truing Acupuncture’s treats the whole person. Su’s approach to wellness encompasses both physical and emotional well-being. Her treatments have helped me tremendously.
— Christine G.
My experience with Truing Acupuncture has been life-changing. I’ve struggled with migraines for almost thirty years and it worsened after I had a baby. Su-Jung Lee has made it possible for me to believe that I can actually live a life, not only comfortably, but free of migraines. Through thoughtful, individualized treatments and Chinese herbal medication, Su has helped my body function as it should, without aggressive pharmaceuticals, so that I can focus on my family and the things that really matter to me.
— Amy L.

Acupuncture Credentials:

Su-Jung received her Master of Science (MSTOM) from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. She is a nationally certified Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine practitioner NCCAOM.

Clinical Internships:
NYU Langone's Initiative for Women with Disabilities

VA NY Harbor Healthcare Manhattan Hospital

NYU Lutheran Hospital in Labor & Delivery 


5 Element Acupuncture with Lonny Jarrett

Facial Acupuncture

Herbal Dermatology

Women’s Health


Meditation Instruction