Why We Meditate

I have been meditating since February and have found that I look forward to my two daily anchors to my day. In the Vedic Meditation method, a meditator takes 2 twenty minutes periods to meditate daily. In my experience so far, I have found that when you commit to taking the time for your meditation, you are investing in your wellbeing, awareness and overall productivity. You will find that you will be less reactive and more emotionally stable over time. And as you being to become more aware of your true self, you will bring out your best self and this will be reflected back towards you. I meditate because I can see that its good for me and that it changes how I live in the world and that changes the world around me.

Please ask me about meditation and how it may help you!

From Jeff Kober's Vedic Meditation Thought of the Day:

Why do we meditate?

  • To feel better. 
  • To release stresses.
  • To have a vacation from our thoughts.
  • To know ourselves as something other than our thoughts, feelings, opinions and our projections of the judgments of others, i.e. our place in the world. 
  • To receive total consciousness.

A free introductory talk to find out more about meditation:

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"We are individual expressions of the whole of nature, and when we allow ourselves this experience of de-excitation, we begin to know ourselves again as this deeper, greater truth."

-Jeff Kober, Vedic Mediation Teacher & Blogger