Bliss Consciousness

Bliss is not blissful. -MMY

Bliss is not about happiness. Bliss is supreme contentedness. Bliss Consciousness is available at the subtlest state of awareness, in other words, Pure Awareness. Contact with the Absolute, the field of un-manifest, results in Bliss. The mind shows this by going quiet. Thoughts bubble from this place, but once it has become manifest- you know you are back in the Relative.

Stabilizing Bliss Consciousness means no more suffering, no more negativity. Only fulfillment is possible through utilizing full conscious capacity / mental  potential and full support of Nature. If we can infuse the state of Being into our minds through daily practice and then we will have the sympathy and support of Nature.

Practicing Vedic Meditation helps you understand the basic fundamental content of life: Cosmic Laws and access Absolute Being, the transcendental state of consciousness. With twice daily practice, over time the Absolute imprints on our mind/intellect/ego and expansion of consciousness happens spontaneously, effortlessly.

From the biomedical perspective, we can think of Bliss on the level of neurochemistry. Endocannabinoids, such as, Anandamide is considered bliss chemistry.  Ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss. The physical body cannot produce stress chemistry at the same time as bliss chemistry. When you use this technique of meditation, you will access this chemistry naturally. Importing exogenous versions creates an unnatural sequence of sensations. It leaves the experiencer bewildered rather than in true Bliss. Lots more on this once you have personal experience of transcending through meditation.

Come and learn for yourself what it feels like.

Here is a short video of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi speaking on “Yoga” and “Bliss Consciousness.”