Sri Yantra in Himalayan Crystal

Sri Yantra in Himalayan Crystal




b e c o m e

the best version of yourself

The Process

Attend a free Talk
(1 hour)

Learn How to Meditate
(4 Consecutive Days//90 mins a day)

Support your Daily practice
with Group Meditations


After completing the 4 Day Course,

you will be a Self-Sufficient Meditator with a portable practice.

Now that is empowering!

Take steps
toward your Greater

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Anytime is a good time to learn!
If you are ready and don’t see a time that fits, ask about private or semi-private courses!

August 11th - 14th: Sunday - Wednesday
Group Foundations Course

Sunday, Aug 11th (Schedule for Individual Instruction, 90mins) Clinton Hill, BKLYN

Monday, Aug 12th (10:30am - 12pm) Clinton Hill, BKLYN

Tuesday, Aug 13th (10:30am - 12pm) Clinton Hill, BKLYN

Wednesday, Aug 14th (10:30am - 12pm) Clinton Hill, BKLYN


Vedic Meditation

Group CoURSEs


Upon Request


The Intro Talk

The Introductory Talk is a free one hour talk designed for anyone interested in learning more about Vedic Meditation — a simple, effortless technique that absolutely anyone can learn. I'll explain how Vedic Mediation is different from other practices and discuss its benefits, such as stress reduction, increased energy and greater sense of inner peace, as well as, explain the structure of the course and how to determine your course fee.


The Introduction to Vedic Meditation Course

The foundational course is given over four consecutive days, meeting 90 minutes each day. The teaching is tailored for the individual student and their personal experience over the four days. During this time, each student will develop an at home practice with my guidance and sequential teachings to accompany the stages of experience. Students must attend all four days to graduate from the course.


The Course Fee

The course fee is traditionally based on an average week's earnings & the principle of equitable exchange. The investment is meant to be something that feels significant for you, but within reach. Please contact me for more information on the tiered course fee.

Your investment indicates your understanding of the value of receiving this ancient knowledge. This means you make a meaningful commitment of your time // your resources to learn with your teacher. This type of equitable exchange is a practice from India dating back thousands of years called guru dakshina. I’ll explain all this and answer any questions you have about meditation during our Introductory Talk.

Once you learn,

You are entitled to a life time of support.

What does that mean?

  • Free Group Meditations with me or any other Vedic Meditation teacher world-wide for the rest of your life.

  • Free Refreshers: sitting in on Day 1, 2 or 3 of the Foundations Course again to “refresh” anytime!

  • Access to a growing community of amazing humans, who are all doing their part to make the world a better place: )

  • Access to private consultations, rounding retreats and advanced training courses as you develop as a meditator.


Develop your inner

If we think of defeat, that’s what we get.
If we are undecided, then nothing will happen for us.
We just must pick something great to do, and do it.
Never think of failure at all, for as we think now,
that is what we get.

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

(applications accepted on a rolling basis)

Exploring the Veda 1
Exploring the Veda 2
Exploring the Veda 3

For other courses not seen here, please contact me and
I will connect you with teachers who are offering what you need.

>Expoloring the Veda

A series of six recorded seminars of advanced knowledge with preeminent master-teacher Thom Knoles. The knowledge expounded in these seminars is designed to accelerate the expansion of consciousness, as well as to deepen your understanding of the workings of the Cosmic nature of the Natural World and the whole Universe. Each course builds on each previous and develops the concepts embedded in the Veda, the foundation of all Eastern philosophies.

>Mastering the Siddhis

Another six series course created by Thom Knoles to begin refining our human capabilities and our infinite potential.

After a year of meditating regularly, You may apply for an advanced Technique:

Please contact me for more information and with any thoughts or questions at

Students on thier experience

If you feel the notion that Vedic Meditation is for you, Su-Jung will help you get there. As soon as I expressed my interest in the course, she kept in touch with me in a totally caring and genuine way, like a friend, to answer questions, to see if I needed help finding resources, etc. Su is working for the greater good and wants to serve as a link to community for her students. Taking the course was a simple, gentle, fun experience. It’s casual and totally tailored to your experience and lifestyle. It was just like taking a driving lesson- you’re at the wheel, and there’s someone there to check in with and to guide you when you have questions. Vedic Meditation, for all of the long term benefits, could not be an easier practice. I’m a server and a musician with multiple jobs, and I’ve had no problem implementing daily meditation into my life. In fact, it has actually helped me to be more organized and more aware of my sleeping and eating habits. The perspective I gained from taking Su’s class (on meditation, but also on the body, the mind, the interconnectedness of everything) has totally shifted my awareness and thought patterns. I am grateful and excited to see what other energy it will open up in my life!
— Carli, Singer/Songwriter/Actor
Thank you, Su Jung, for helping me discover something that is so innately valuable and available to us at all times. I enjoyed this class because we were able to reflect on each meditation together. As someone that suffers from binary thinking and needing to “get it right”, I love this practice because the rules are minimal and not able to be scrutinized. I can show up for myself fully just by honoring the daily mediation. I especially enjoyed learning about the levels of consciousness and understanding the physical benefits of mediation. This was powerful to understand how our body holds stress and how life changing this practice will be for my mental, physical, and emotional health.

I feel really energized and more focused after taking this course and making a commitment to meditation. I also feel especially grateful for how open and non-judgemental this practice is. It’s really just about getting back to the source of what our own power is and showing up for ourselves so we can be the best versions to help everyone else realize their potential. That feels so incredibly important and empowering.
— Ali, Comedian/Actor/Writer/Producer
 I have been practicing under Su-Jung Lee’s teaching and guidance for six months, and my meditation practice has deepened and expanded more in this short time than in six years of consistent practice in other methodologies. 

It’s the purity of Vedic meditation technique that sets it apart. This is a simple, pragmatic system that anyone can learn and incorporate into her daily rhythms.

It is the most direct line to the meditative state that I have experienced, and it has empowered me to go deeper, further in my practice. 

Su is a gifted healer and a most lucid and generous teacher.
— Christine, Writer & Poet
Here are some things I appreciate about learning VM with you:
-you’re smart and perceptive with an academic and artistic flair 
-not speaking from a wuwoo perspective, but also knowledgeable, respectful, and open to the different practices out there.  this is helpful in your ability to teach and connect concepts without being sidetracked 
-you know your stuff and dive deep in many areas, which makes you relatable on many levels
-your passion and devotion to meditation and healing inspires me as well as your courage - seeing your motivations and how you took leaps into the unknown with your career

You’re easy to talk to, supportive, have a strong core, focused, and i totally trust you in helping me clear my lens!

About the Exploring the Veda (ETV) series:
-dense with knowledge, yet light to absorb
-it was fun.  i never knew i would enjoy learning this so much
-made my life easier, esp with guidelines on how to see
-the feeling of “that’s it? so easy” just like after the 4 day course, is a sign of its brilliance
— Kim, Architect/Designer/Feng Shui Expert/Kundalini Yogi & Surfer


As a self-sufficient meditator, it’s nice to occasionally tab into the group energy by attending a group meditation. It is an opportunity to meditate together, as well as, ask any questions that have come up and meet other meditators. It can help fine tune your practice and help keep you connected with community.


Wednesdays in Clinton Hill

Group Meditations & Supper Club

RSVP for location details.

4pm / 5pm / 6pm