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vedic Meditation


The Process

Attend a free Talk
(1 hour)

Learn How to Meditate
(4 Consecutive Days//90 mins a day)

Support your Daily practice
with Group Meditations


After completing the 4 Day Course, you will be a self-sufficient meditator with a portable practice.

Take steps
toward your Greater


February 19th, 2019

Group MEditation 6:30 PM
Intro Talk 7:30 PM





The Intro Talk

The Introductory Talk is a free one hour talk designed for anyone interested in learning more about Vedic Meditation — a simple, effortless technique that absolutely anyone can learn. I'll explain how Vedic Mediation is different from other practices and discuss its benefits, such as stress reduction, increased energy and greater sense of inner peace, as well as, the structure of the course and course fee.


The Introduction to Vedic Meditation Course

The foundational course is given over four consecutive days, meeting 90 minutes each day. The teaching is tailored for the individual student and their personal experience over the four days. During this time, each student will develop an at home practice with my guidance and sequential teachings to accompany the stages of experience. Students must attend all four days to graduate from the course.


The Course Fee

The course fee is traditionally based on an average week's earnings & the principle of equitable exchange. The investment is meant to be something that feels significant for you, but within reach. Please contact me for more information on the tiered course fee.

Your investment indicates your understanding of the value of receiving this ancient knowledge. This means you make a meaningful commitment of your time // your resources to learn with your chosen teacher. This type of equitable exchange is a practice from India dating back thousands of years and is an effort to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching tradition.

I’ll explain all this and answer any other questions you have about learning meditation at the Introductory Talk.

Included in the one-time Course Fee is a lifetime of Follow-Ups through free group meditations with me or any Vedic Meditation teacher globally.

We discuss what you can expect with a regular practice of Vedic Meditation in the last day of the course. There are optional ways to support your own development through Advanced Knowledge Seminars and a course called Master the Siddhis.

Deepening your knowledge with Advanced Seminars & Techniques

If you find yourself wanting to learn more, there will be opportunities to deepen your knowledge through Advanced Knowledge Seminars such as, Exploring the Vedas, a six course series, as well as, Advanced Techniques, once you have been meditating regularly for about one year.

Please contact me for more information and with any thoughts or questions at


Group Courses

January 7th - 10th
February 10th - 13th
March 17th - 20th

If the dates don’t line up & you are eager to learn:

*Ask about Private Courses



Group Meditations & Supper Club


Clinton Hill Brooklyn.

Address given with RSVP.

Starts at 6:45pm

Advanced Courses for Vedic Meditators:

Exploring the Veda (EtV) is a series of six recorded seminars of advanced knowledge with preeminent master-teacher Thom Knoles. The knowledge expounded in these seminars is designed to accelerate the expansion of consciousness, as well as to deepen your understanding of the workings of the Cosmic nature of the Natural World and the whole Universe. Each course builds on each previous and develops the concepts embedded in the Veda, the foundation of all Eastern philosophies.


Exploring the Veda Part 1

>>Prerequisite: Learn to Round<< —- Ask me for details!

Exploring the Veda Part 2