Treatments & Rates

** initial visit/follow-up **


Truing Wellness • $180/$125

Acupuncture for supporting the body for general health & wellness.

Improve your digestion, sleep, circulation, focus, emotional clarity & balance and manage everyday stress with more ease.

For the those of you who are very familiar with acupuncture, I will work with you to create a deeper understanding of the medicine and therefore, have a more meaningful impact in your daily life.

Fertility Support $250/$150

To support you and your partner with the stress and promotion of fertility.

Post-op/Physical Injury $300/$150

For acute trauma or chronic pain, acupuncture & herbal therapy can help quicken the healing process and help relieve pain.

Facial Rebalancing Treatment • $380/$300

Acupuncture for improving health from the inside out. Through balancing internal functions your revitalized health will reflect on your face. True beauty starts from within and this treatment addresses all aspects of health by treating the face and body. To enhance this holistic treatment, we use Jurlique products and custom essential oils blend to complete this luxurious treatment. 

** We only book one of these treatments a day, so book in advance! Follow-up treatments are 90 minutes.

Truing Herbal Therapy $150/$100 (free with acupuncture treatments)

The accumulated knowledge of thousands of years of the medicinal use of herbs employed in modern herbal therapy. This means we use the insights of modern western medicine and science with the history of herbal practices, offering an alternative to mainstream treatments. For example, herbal therapy can help to strengthen the body when weakened or release what is toxic when the body is burdened. The ultimate goal in traditional Chinese medicine is to allow the body to regain the ability to self-regulate, rather than creating a dependency on the medicine itself.

Acute and chronic issues are more efficiently addressed with the synthesis of lifestyle changes, acupuncture and herbal formulas. 

Herbal formulas can be used as primary treatment. Raw herbs will be packed for you to cook at home or prepared then vacuum-sealed into individual doses for ease. 

* Cost of herbal medicine is additional and will vary with price of individual herbs, but this is a rough estimation.

  • Tier 1: Raw, Prepared & Vacuum Sealed ($150+) / Raw only ($50+)
  • Tier 2: Powered Tea ($35+)
  • Tier 3: Patent/Pills ($20+)

Whichever you choose, the most important is the consistency with which you take the herbs.

Eastern Nutrition Consultation $150/$50 

Traditionally, medicine begins with good food and lifestyle modifications. We will look at daily habits and tendencies and reevaluate using Eastern nutrition to customize a plan for your specific needs and goals.

Truing Special Offerings

Deep Qi Balancing 

Once you have completed a course of treatment, you may choose to work a bit deeper. Especially when your energy is low and you are feeling unusually fragile, this is a good option to settle the nerves and focus on being in your body.

This treatment can be added on to any regular treatment.

Healing Connections

Auricular Acupuncture in a group setting for reconnecting with your friends, partners, and loved ones for special occasions, like weddings, birthdays, any of life’s milestones, or just because.